About us

Katanimate Animation Studio, began in 2017, is a full service 3D animation company based in Durban, South Africa. We produce 3D animated content for local & international television broadcast and strive to push the boundaries of artistic and technical achievement with every moving image.

We’ve completed a 12-minute 3D animated short film, “Midnight Escapade” and are busy on
the pilot of our animated TV series, “Time sliders”.

We are also in development with pre-school show, “knittyville”.


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The Team

Clare Louis

CEO / Animation Director

Lebo Putsuone

HR Administrator

Pearl Mthembu

3D Technical Supervisor 

Where to find us

katanimate logo

10th Floor Musgrave Towers,
115 Musgrave Road,
Durban, 4001,
South Africa.