Starting off in the community centre in Sydenham, Katanimate Studios recently moved to the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission offices in Musgrave, Durban.

Founded in 2016 by producer and well experienced traveller Clare Tracy Louis. Clare had her sights set on owning her own animation company but knew it would be a long and challenging journey. “I have travelled around the world for 15 years with a strong focus in the last years on researching animation studios and visual effects companies every chance I got, but back home, in South Africa, is where I wanted to be…and that’s how it all started,” she said. Having completed her Masters in Digital Arts (3D Animation) at WITS University, then working as a producer at Coal Stove Pictures for three years, the time was right to start out on her own.

After noticing the gap in animation in Durban, Louis decided to research and make her mark in the animation industry. “It was with the support of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), the KZN Film Commission and recently, the National Arts Council (NAC) that we were able to get Katanimate Studios up and running. Without each of these funders, it would have taken much longer.”

She teamed up with artists and writers with just an idea for what is now TV series “Time Sliders.” Pearl Mthembu, Tracy Stucki, Riaz Euseoff and Denise Maher were the principal people who are instrumental in bringing this vision to life. Katanimate is the first animation studio in Durban currently in early development with a TV series.

Katanimate Studios is an animation company which aims to be a springboard to help other artists in Durban develop and share their ideas with the world.